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Hi, my name is Aliyah, but you can call me Lili. I believe we are all connected, regardless of what part of the globe we live in, our religious preferences, or color of our skin. Unfortunately, we tend to lack understanding for people of different cultures. By experiencing a new culture and sharing your own, you learn that there is not just one way to live, and there are multiple ways to solve problems. Our mission here at Language of Love is to encourage people to learn from those who are different from them and to promote a love for life and learning!

 As a scholar of Communication Studies, I observed that most misunderstandings stem from how we misinterpret each others words,content.and differences in language . Problems arise between people who all speak English due to language style and unclear meanings. Imagine how many problems arise between people who speak different languages and have varying cultural norms. This observation and the desire to open the doors of the world to students motivated me to teach English in Thailand and to students online. Teaching English made me realize that when people are willing to consider things from  different angles and viewpoints, they build relationships and learn lessons that help them live more fulfilling lives. I want you to get out there and live life to the fullest, learn from one another, and love 

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